Billing Verification System

Billing Verification System (BVS)

System for the verification of telecom services billing

The BVS was specifically designed to provide telecom regulatory authorities to protect the consumers against overbilling practices in relation to communication services. It makes it possible to verify and confirm that the rates and promotions the operators offer their subscribers in connection with the voice, SMS and data traffic are in line with the advertised rates. Detecting instances of incorrect communication pricing (voice/data/other innovative services) constitutes an important remit for the regulators, as such occurrences can represent grounds for dispute between the operators and their subscribers.


  • → Detects billing anomalies and alerts the authorities
  • → Provides an overall visibility of the operators’ offers and promotions
  • → Exports the test-related CDRs, so as to enable a more accurate comparison with the operators' CDRs
  • → Produces detailed reports and statistics in connection with the different tests and offers
  • → Helps implement mechanisms aiming to emulate the operators' billing system
  • → Differentiates between national and international services
  • → Takes the different types of services (voice, data and offers) into account
  • → Helps create a fair market BVS is integrated into MATRIX [Insert link to MATRIX page], GVG’s Clearinghouse solution.

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