Billing Verification System

Billing Verification System (BVS)

System for the verification of telecom services billing

The BVS is an automated billing verification system for telecom authorities. It tests and verifies that telecom tariffs, bundles and promotions offered by telecom operators to their subscribers for Voice, SMS, Data and Roaming traffic are compliant as per advertised rates.

Main Functionalities:
Provides accurate billing compliance reports on the following services provided by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in a given country:

  • → Voice
  • → SMS
  • → Data
  • → Service Bundles

Provides Billing Test Reports by period, operator, and type of service;

Generates alerts based on the difference between advertised rates and actual rates, as detected by the BVS.


  • → Enhanced and proactive protection of consumers, as opposed to traditional after-the-fact complaint management.
  • → Overall improvement in pricing and billing practices across the industry.
  • → Fair market more conducive to business.

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