Global Voice Group expands its “Certified Reseller Program” to Latin America and Asia

While Global Voice Group (GVG) historically maintained proprietary control over its unique solutions and technologies, the unprecedented increase in demand from governments for transparency and visibility over telecoms – one of their key sectors from a revenue-generation point of view – has given rise to our Certified Reseller Program in Africa. Since we first initiated this program in 2007, GVG has had multiple successes through its Certified Resellers. Indeed, governments have been the ultimate beneficiaries through increased revenues, enhanced regulatory compliance, better fraud control and improved data for evidence-based policy-making.

Governments from across Latin America and Asia are now reaching out to GVG through its Certified Reseller Network, seeking to replicate the successes that have been achieved in Africa.

GVG meticulously selects corporate candidates for its Certified Reseller Program. Through this rigorous selection process, clients around the world are assured of GVG’s highest attention, latest technology and proprietary solutions. Our Certified Resellers adhere steadfastly to all of our values, with the core objective being the socio-economic development of emerging and developing countries, through enhanced revenue generation and financial protection enabled by latest-generation ICTs, class-leading expertise and total operational support reliability. Our Certified Resellers display the same neutrality and independence from the industry as GVG – these being our most prized values.

We invite interested firms that share our vision to participate in this exciting opportunity for telecoms revenue assurance and regulatory compliance through our Certified Reseller Program.

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