A technology partner

We are technology providers, financial protection specialists and payment technology experts. We enable our clients to achieve more with their own resources− A crucial advantage in an era of dwindling external aid.


Global Voice Group’s employees are passionate about what they do.
We continually strive to be the best in our field, both in terms of the
efficiency of our technologies and of the quality of the service we offer
to governments and regulatory bodies.


We continuously develop and update our solutions, based on the investment and innovation of our Research & Development department. Our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with innovative ways to harness their own resources, thus allowing them to take charge of their own socio-economic future.


Our group is composed of professionals from diverse cultures and nationalities. At Global Voice Group, we promote the respect of differences, as well as teamwork and healthy competition.


For GVG, respecting its commitments is of the utmost importance. Our BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) business model is based on the obligation to provide effective results for our customer-partners. Our return on investment depends entirely on the actual output of our systems, therefore we are extremely results-driven. Our solutions are only profitable to us if they bring significant benefits to all the players in the industry.

Our solutions contribute to securing the revenue generated by the national and international traffic flows within a given country, without any negative financial impact on the local population.

Decreased reliance on foreign aid

By boosting government revenue through the leveraging of the globalized activities, we enable these governments to reduce their reliance on foreign aid to fund national development projects.



BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)

Our BOT business model was designed to address the specific needs and constraints of each of our clients. Under the BOT model, we commit to installing the infrastructure and the technologies and to operating them until it is time to transfer their ownership to the client.

PPP (Public-Private Partnership)

GVG's PPPs are based on the transfer of technologies and skills to our clients, as defined by our BOT business model. That is why the PPP is the preferred option for a growing number of government decision-makers.

Vendor finance

In emerging and developing countries, the authorities may not have the financial means to carry out the technological upgrades they need. GVG commits to financing 100% of the necessary infrastructure and equipment. Our clients are not required to make any form of upfront payment.