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Interconnection management and supervision
IMS™ - Interconnection Management System

Our IMS™ system (Interconnection Management System) is the foundation of our telecommunications management and supervision solutions. Its technological complexity notwithstanding, the concept of IMS™ is simple: the system allows for the collection, transmission, centralization and processing of data from the networks of any given country (mobile, fixed and IP).

Access to reliable and comprehensive information is the greatest challenge facing telecommunications regulation today. The ability to continuously and independently collect and process data considerably increases the regulators strength in terms of:

  • Revenue control;
  • Collecting taxes, license fees and other contributions;
  • Promoting transparency and fair competition;
  • Mediating disputes between operators;
  • Protecting consumer interests;
  • Promoting the industry's sustainable development;
  • Ensuring adherence to service standards; and
  • Enforcing policies and regulations governing the sector.
Total visibility over interconnections

IMS™ focuses on interconnections, because it is at this level that regulators must strengthen their supervision capability.

Interconnections are links that allow different national network operators to exchange traffic with each other - or with foreign operators and carriers - via international gateways. They form the stumbling block of a huge, fast-growing global market that increasingly impacts directly on the revenue generated by the telecommunications sector in every country.

The signaling data centralized and processed by the IMS™ is mined from these interconnections.

Zero impact on the operators' activities

IMS™ collects and transmits the data in a non-intrusive way, using probes and routers hosted by operators. The system is designed to work in a multi-gateway environment.

Therefore, each operator carries on managing its interconnections and operating its international gateway without interference. The only difference is that the regulator now has direct and real-time access to detailed data related to:

  • The volumes of domestic traffic;
  • The levels of traffic from or to foreign countries;
  • Quality of service parameters;
  • Networks’ state of repair.
Security and respecting subscribers' confidentiality

IMS™ was designed in such a way that it cannot, under any circumstance, compromise the integrity of networks or disrupt their operations. Access to data is completely secure and the transmission network used complies with the highest industry security standards.

IMS™ fully respects the confidential nature of communications. In no way does the system give access to the content of voice calls or SMS. And it cannot be modified to do so. IMS™ collects and processes signaling data only.