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Global Voice Group is a global leader in telecommunications management and supervision technologies. Created in 1998, our group currently caters essentially to regulatory bodies from the telecommunications sector.

With close to fifteen years of experience and a staff of over 250 professionals from 20 different countries, we have a proven track record of successfully developing cutting-edge systems and applications.

We initially gained our experience while working with telephone operators. Today, we continue to support local operators through our partnerships with regulators, whose mandate it is to ensure the industry’s healthy technical and financial performance. Our technologies benefit all stakeholders. By efficiently blocking by-pass fraud for instance, our solutions protect operators’ revenues.

Our customers in developing countries

Global Voice Group’s platforms and services were developed with telecommunications regulators in mind.

Our company has a huge presence in Africa, where it has built strong partnerships with regulators across the continent. Indeed, Global Voice Group was among the first to identify the technological requirements related to telecommunications regulation in developing countries.

Our reach

Our administrative center is located in Cape Town, South Africa. We also have several offices and operation centers throughout the world. Regulators may therefore benefit from our services both locally, via the infrastructures and teams that we put in place, and internationally, by making use of our worldwide antifraud and market surveillance networks.