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Global Voice Group is a global leader in the fight against telecommunications fraud. Our fraud management technologies and services are the core of the revenue assurance solutions we offer regulators.


Telecop™ is a state-of-the-art solution to combat bypass fraud.

As the needed technologies become increasingly commonplace, bypass fraud too, increases worldwide. The ready availability of SIM Boxes for instance, makes it possible to route international calls to any given country while disguising them as local calls. This is how some unscrupulous individuals and clandestine operators avoid taxes, interconnection rates and other charges linked to international communications.

Our Telecop™ solution and its integrated detection features make it possible to efficiently counteract bypass fraud and so, reduce its impact on local operators' revenue.

    • Increased revenues

Because our antifraud solution is so effective in blocking bypass fraud, implementing Telecop™ anywhere in the world results in increased volumes of calls routed via legal routes. And this in turn, means increased revenues for authorized operators and government.

    • Improved service quality

Effective bypass fraud management also has positive repercussions on service quality. Calls routed via gray routes are usually of very poor quality. Consumers wrongly assume that legal operators are responsible, while operators terminate these poor-quality calls on their networks, unaware of their fraudulent origin. By eliminating these calls, consumers experience improved quality of service and operators protect their reputation.