Telecop Antifraud Solution

The Telecop is an important anti-fraud component, which aims to fight efficiently against the illegal diversion of international traffic.

The ploys and methods used by fraudsters have evolved throughout the years. At GVG, we work continuously on updating and improving our tools and processes to cope with this dynamic environment.

Our Telecop solution and its integrated detection features make it possible to counteract telecommunication bypass fraud efficiently, thus reducing its impact on both local operator and government revenue and as well as on the quality of service experienced by the end-users.

Benefits and Characteristics:

  • → Fully automated fraud detection system
  • → Multi-fronts fraud detection capability
  • → Reporting server and services
  • → Fully integrated with IMS
  • → Possibility of add-ons to allow for the geographic location of fraudulent equipment with a view to dismantling clandestine facilities.

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