Quality of Service Tracker

Quality of Service (QoS) Tracker

Global Voice Group’s Quality of Service (QOS) Tracker solution is a QoS monitoring and analysis system specifically designed for regulatory purposes. This solution stands out, in different ways, from the QoS systems intended for the operators themselves, which require costly and heavy equipment, are slow to deploy and often complicated to use. QoS-Tracker addresses these shortcomings, by providing customised applications and a platform to transform mobile devices into testing tools and allow the regulator to configure a similar range of QoS tests. The solution requires little equipment and installation time, thus making deployment quick, easy and at a lower cost than other similar systems available on the market.

Benefits and Characteristics:

  • → Easy, cost-effective and quick deployment
  • → Solution specifically designed for regulatory authorities
  • → Real-time and accurate information on the quality of service as experienced by the consumers themselves
  • → Customizable reports
  • → Automated notifications (via SMS, SNMP, email, etc.)
  • → Fully automated testing
  • → Multi-device platform
  • → Compatible with all the major network technologies: GSM, 2G/2.5G/3G/4G, CDMA, etc.
  • → Automatic drive test module Included
  • → Remote management capability

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