Interconnection Management System

Interconnection Management System (IMS)

The IMS is an advanced telecoms traffic monitoring system specifically developed for our clients. This state-of-the-art solution aims to enforce transparency and regulatory compliance in today’s interconnected telecoms environment, while increasing the technical and financial performances of all the national and international interconnections in a given country.

The IMS leverages ICTs and real-time data technologies to allow the successful real-time monitoring of a country's national and international interconnection traffic, providing the telecom regulators with the data they need to fulfil their regulatory mandate with unprecedented efficiency. Among others, the IMS allows the authorities to create accurate invoices relating to the levies or contributions to be paid from the interconnection rates.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • → Zero interference on the activities of operators or the quality of service
  • → Multiple gateway compatibility
  • → Multiple network type compatibility
  • → Real-time functionality
  • → Scalable and extensible
  • → High data storage and archiving capacity
  • → Safety and redundancy
  • → Latest network security

Global Voice Group's vast experience and expertise in network monitoring technologies allow for a rapid deployment of IMS, usually in fewer than 120 days.

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