Automated Revenue Monitoring System

Automated Revenue Monitoring System (ARMS)

ARMS is the very first telecoms revenue verification solution of its kind in emerging countries. GVG developed ARMS as a response to the increasing problem of tax compliance, revenue leakage and overall governance issues in the liberalised telecommunications markets in emerging countries. This computerised system allows for the collection, consolidation and processing of all data relating to the sale of telecommunications minutes and services in any given country.

Utilising ARMS, governments enjoy complete visibility over the revenue generated by all transactions related to mobile telecommunications, which allows them to harness the full potential of the telecoms sector as a driving force for development.

Benefits and Characteristics:

  • → Complete overview of all actual revenues generated by top-up cards, post-paid accounts and roaming services
  • → Cross-checking financial audit
  • → Assessment of the evolution of the mobile services market and its different segments

ARMS can be completely deployed in less than 4 months, from preliminary studies and consultations up to the delivery of a fully operational system.

GVG adapts the solution and its interface to the specific needs and requirements of each client. The legal and regulatory framework of each jurisdiction is also thoroughly analysed to ensure the deployment of ARMS is fully compliant with local legislation and regulations. If need be, our regulation experts assist the authorities to evaluate and, potentially, review the framework required for the smooth implementation of our information system.

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