ADD and CEIR are key tools in the fight against many types of fraud that affect both stakeholders and consumers in the telecoms industry. The solution also provides regulators with valuable information about the mobile device population, market trends and consumer habits in a given country. Some operators use specific systems to detect the devices connected to their network and manage their own equipment identification register. The ADD/CEIR system is a central/master database to detect counterfeit devices, or those reported as stolen, and block them from all networks in the given country.


Benefits and Characteristics:

  • Real time detection of Subscriber (MSISDN) and mobile device (IMEI) on all networks in the country;
  • Network Device access management on all networks;
  • Detailed and up-to-date reports and statistics on the device population in the country;
  • Anti-fraud capability;
  • Public portal for end user services;


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