Stimulating development through technology

During the Transform Africa Summit 2017, which was held under the theme “Smart Cities Fast Forward” in Rwanda on 10 May, Laurent Lamothe, former Prime Minister of Haiti and chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Voice Group (GVG), spoke about the benefits of combining Blockchain and the Internet of Things when it comes to stimulating development in African countries. According to Lamothe, Blockchain’s many applications and advantages ̶ from providing access to third-party services to removing middlemen in transactions ̶ , make it a crucial tool in the realization of the Smart City concept.


Rwanda, the host country of the Summit, is an outstanding example of progress in terms of the integration of ICTs and the building of infrastructure that will help make its cities smarter. In addition to its remarkable advances in the communication domain, the country has implemented an International Gateway Traffic Verification System (IGTVS) in partnership with GVG, with a view to promoting control and transparency in the national telecommunications sector.


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