Data analysis at the heart of Kenya’s drive to boost mobile data revenue

Despite the growth of the African mobile data market, the revenue generated by this segment of the telecommunications sector still does not make a significant contribution to the operators’ overall revenue. At this stage, it is doubtful that mobile data services can be harnessed to compensate the dwindling voice revenue, even though there are still high hopes that this will eventually happen.


Following the examples of both Rwanda and Tanzania, whose respective telecommunications sector has hugely benefited from the integration of ICTs, Kenya is now looking into new measuring tools as a way of gathering accurate data for improved decision-making.


This comes after the Kenyan telecom regulator expressed the wish to include data services in its key performance indicators, in order to maximize the financial potential of these services. Sustained growth in African data services, fueled by well-informed decisions on the part of the relevant authorities, may eventually lead to this market positively impacting the Kenyan economy as a whole.


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