Global Voice Group is the recipient of the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award for its outstanding innovation in telecoms management technologies.

We have a proven track record when it comes to the delivery of fiscal and telecom governance technologies to the governments of emerging countries.

Our fraud management system has enabled the detection and disconnection of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent lines in each of the countries in which our solutions have been implemented. Fraud drains away revenues due to the government.

We have provided the workforce of our clients with hundreds of basic and advanced training sessions in the context of our technology and knowledge transfer programmes. The purpose of this is to ensure that the staff in charge of operating our systems have all the skills and know-how they need to do so efficiently and effectively.

We have contributed to the dismantlement of clandestine operators that were adversely affecting the revenue of the legitimate local operators.

Global Voice Group empowers emerging countries in a way that goes beyond technological advancement. We aim to empower these countries financially by enabling them to harness the potential of the telecoms sector, with a view to securing much-needed funds for development purposes, thus reducing the government’s reliance on foreign aid. Haiti, for instance, is able to contribute US$40 million every year to its National Education Programme by leveraging international incoming calls. In this way 1.4 million needy children go to school free of charge and receive the best start in life – quality education.




The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) was looking to implement a telecommunication traffic monitoring system with a view to:

  • ensuring regulatory transparency and a high level of quality of service within the national telecommunications sector,
  • managing telecom fraud,
  • generating additional revenue for both the operators and the government,
  • monitoring mobile money transactions and
  • identifying the terminals in use in the country.

The TCRA found in GVG a trustworthy and efficient technical partner in the context of this project. GVG implemented the Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS) in Tanzania as per the requirements of the TCRA. The traffic monitoring, quality of service, fraud management and revenue assurance components are up and running and have already proved to be a major asset for the TCRA. So far, the system has yielded substantial additional revenue for the government and has made it possible to dismantle a number of fraudulent networks. The mobile money monitoring and equipment identity registry are currently being deployed. By implementing the TTMS in Tanzania, GVG helped the TCRA not only to achieve its objective of bringing transparency and control to the national telecommunications sector, but also to fulfil its vision of being a world-class communications regulator.

“The successful installation and implementation of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA’s) Telecommunication Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS) is not only a revolution but also one of the greatest achievements to the country’s communication Sector.”

Dr. Ally Yahaya Simba, Former Director General, TCRA

Since its commissioning on 1 October 2014, GVG’s TTMS has yielded an average monthly income of TZS1.6 billion for the government. It has also allowed the authorities to dismantle a number of fraudulent networks. President Kikwete commended the TCRA for taking the initiative to integrate the TTMS into its regulatory processes, declaring that the project represented "a promising step toward building the nation”.


Global Voice Group cited for its leadership and innovation in fraud management

In the Republic of Guinea and in the Republic of Ghana, GVG's antifraud systems and services have allowed for the disconnection of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent lines which were used to illegally convert international traffic into national traffic on the local networks.


GVG’s Fraud Management system allows for the arrest of illegal operators in Guinea-Conakry

The Republic of Guinea’s Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications (ARPT) found in GVG a reliable and efficient partner in the fight against fraud. By installing the antifraud system provided by GVG and by urging operators to inform it of the whereabouts of fraud hotspots – in accordance with GVG’s recommendations –, the ARPT was able to arrest three illegal operators.


GVG receives the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

GVG is the recipient of the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award for its outstanding track record as a developer and provider of innovative telecom management and supervision technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each year, Frost and Sullivan presents its Best Practices Award to the company that has demonstrated uniqueness in developing and leveraging new technologies, which significantly impacts both the functionality and the customer value of the new products and applications. The award lauds the high R&D spending towards innovation, its relevance to the industry and the positive impact on brand perception.


"The relevance of Global Voice Group's solutions to the industry is immense, not only at the level of the regulator, but also for the entire industry. These solutions and tools enable both the operators and the regulatory authorities to optimize the revenues from the telecommunications industry; guarantee transparency and efficiency in international gateway monitoring; reduce fraud on international calls; and control network quality and integrity." – Frost & Sullivan, Best Practices Research, 2013