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Monitoring Quality of service

Integrated within our network supervision solutions are applications that allow telecommunications regulators to monitor key quality of service (QoS) indicators in real time, via web interfaces.

Quality of service is the level of performance that a communication service provider guarantees its subscribers. It is the telecommunications regulator's responsibility to determine the level of QoS to be maintained on the country's networks and to set targets related to improving these customer services.

In the many emerging and developing countries that have seen exponential growth in mobile penetration, network capacities often cannot keep pace with the growing number of subscribers It is particularly in these markets that telecommunications regulators have the most difficulty monitoring and improving quality of service.

Global Voice Group offers comprehensive QoS monitoring solutions that make it possible to accomplish a number of complex tasks, including:

  • Programming automated tests based on various QoS parameters
  • Setting up a warning system with specific levels
  • Automating reports
  • Visualizing detailed data geographically

Our QoS monitoring solutions have been designed to provide telecommunications regulators with a clear and objective view of the quality of service experienced by end-users.